Monday, January 17, 2011

Personalised T-Shirts


Sorry for the long hiatus but Pretty Little Things KL are back with more updates. As promised, here are some samples of personalised t-shirts that can be ordered from Pretty Little Things KL. These t-shirts are great for events such as family day, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, baby shower and pretty much any event you can think of. We provide the t-shirts, design & printing for an affordable cost. For more information, please email us at and we will try out best to accommodate your needs.

Baby's Tshirt
Adult's T-Shirt


Nal said...


Nice designs of t-shirts you have presented. These t-shirts can be used in any events like family day, bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, baby shower,etc. Thanks for the information.

Personalised T Shirts

prettylittlethingskl said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Looking so beautiful this personalised t shirts ..