Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's all about felt craft

Hi dears :)

My friend has finally set up her business blog just for her 'creative' products made out of felt. Each item is made with love & her products ranges from handphone cases, hairclips, brooches, headbands and many more :) Just check her out at It's All About Felt Craft. They are awesome I tell you!

Angry Birds handphone case
Toy camera casing
Handphone case
Name card holder anyone?
Hair tie
Hair clips
Cute aren't they? So, go ahead and check her blog out and if you have any queries, kindly forward it to :)

Check out new photos from It's All About Felt Craft.They are amazing! Grab them now, before it's too late.

Another phone case :)
Hard Disk Case/Pouch
Hijab pins
Super Cute :)
Meet Gijam, the Plush Toy :)

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