Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nautical Baby Shower

Hello Dears!

About a month ago, we were hired to come up with decorations & favours for a nautical themed baby shower :) We were pretty excited about this theme as there are so many things we would love to work with and do for the baby shower. Based on the budget given, this is what we came up with: table signage, place mats, napkin rings, paper boats place cards, sweet treats in a boat and favours (chips ahoy cookie and a note book). So here are some photos of what we came up with for the baby shower :) Enjoy!

Place Mat
Table Signage

Place Cards

'Ships' Ahoy Cookies!

Sweet Treats
Napkin Rings
Favours (Chips ahoy cookie & notebook)
Paper boat place card :)
Ships Ahoy! It's A boy!
For those who are interested, do email us at prettypretty.lil.things@gmail.com for more info :) We look forward to hearing from you!

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